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  • His background
  • Masha was born on Feb. 6, 1969 in Nagasaki, which is one of the most attractive cities in Japan. After graduated from high school, he moved to Tokyo by himself. At the very beginning, he took some part-time jobs there. On the other hand, he tried hard to get opportunities to start his singing career. After several months, he entered his management agency, Amuse, and started to participate in the show industry.

  • His family
  • Masha is the second son and also the youngest son in his family. Masha's father worked as a real estate agent when he was alive. He died when Masha was 17 years old. When he was still alive, he played an important role in this famous singer's life. When Masha was a young boy, he always imitated what his father did and followed what his father told him. For instance, when he was in elementary school, he heard the word boycott from his father. And one day, he hid himself and tried to boycott his classmates in his school. (Interesting, didn't it?) His mother is very beautiful and famous among fans in Japan. Masha's mother cares about this son very much and Masha loves his mother, too. In addition, he has a brother who is one year older than Masha. Since there is just one year difference between them, they played together all the time when they were young children. Their relationship is very good. Furthermore, Masha said that his parents have the age difference of 13 years. His family is now living in Nagasaki.

  • His Childhood
  • It may be a little strange to think this earnest young man was a naughty boy when he was a child. But that's true! In Nagasaki, there is a dialect "Nobosemon", which means naughty guy who wants to draw others' attentions. Masha was a 100% "Nobosemon" in his home town and almost everyone knew him when he was a child.

  • His Nick Name
  • According to Japanese fans, Masaharu is called as Masha is because of his father too. Due to his father's tooth condition, he could not say Masaharu and called his son Mashaharu instead. That's why Masha is called Masha!

    *The information about Masha's childhood & his nick name was provided by Chiko and Ezumi.

    If you want to know other things about Masha, please let Ayano or me know.

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