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Although Masha looks real cool (opposite of warm), he is a very nice person. In Japan, many people like the way of his talking. He likes to make some clever jokes in his radio programs. Also, he is really talkative. Basically, Masha has different images among the public and his fans. Let's talk about it.

  • Among Japanese

    In Japan, Masha's image changes quite a lot. At the very beginning, most Japanese think that he was a cool man who does not like to talk to others. Just like his outlook.

    However, when his own radio program, "All Night Nippon", became more and more popular, his image is much different. Nowadays, Japanese people usually think that he is a good singer-song-writer, a good actor and also a funny D.J.. Many people enjoy the way of his talking. In his radio program, he likes to make some jokes. Besides, he likes to talk many things about himself. For instance, he talked about his family, childhood, school life and home town a lot. He just likes talking with his friends. Therefore, he gives others a warm feeling.

  • Among fans

    Masha gives another impression to his fans. Besides the nice way of his talking, acting and singing, he really loves his mother! According to himself, he sends flowers to his mother on her birthday every year. Several years ago, he forgot to send her flowers and phone her on that day. He felt very sorry about that. Consequently, he said happy birthday to her in All Night Nippon on that night. How sweet! Sometimes, his mother and grandmother go to Tokyo to visit him. They stay in Masha's apartment and make some delicious food for him. Masha looks forward to seeing them every time. As a result, we can see that he is very warm hearted.

    In addition, Masha does not look like a famous singer in Japan. It is because he likes to talk about himself very much. As mentioned above, he talked about his family, childhood, school life and home town a lot. For other famous singers and actors (actresses), they won't talk so much about themselves because they want to keep their privacy. However, Masha is not the same. He is willing to share these kinds of topic to his fans and the public. That's why many people like him.

    Since Masha is such a nice person and has been in the show biz for several years, he has many friends within the industry. People who worked with him before like him very much. Let's see what they think.

  • Among artists

    Artists who acted with Masha before said that he is a very nice person. For instance, Sakai Noriko has said that Masha is a nice guy who makes others very happy and comfortable. As a result, people like to talk to him. Moreover, some artists admire him very much because of his talent. One of them is Ishida Issei, who acted as Masha's brother in "Below the same roof".

    Besides that, Masha is very hard working. Other artists said that he always practices on the scripts before recording the TV dramas. He concentrates in his parts very much because he wants to do his best.

  • Among musicians

    Since Masha is a singer, there is no doubt that he has worked with many musicians before. Every musician who worked with him before was very impressed by his talent. Although Masha does not have any formal training on music, he can write very attractive melody. That's why he has so many popular and famous songs which wrote by himself. He devoted himself in practicing guitar since he was in junior high. All the senior students in the music club said that he is a gifted guitarist.

    In addition to his gifted talent, he is very serious while recording his songs.

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