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  • His singing career
  • Masha is a singer-song-writer in Japan. He likes music and guitar since he was in high school. Therefore, he first entered the show biz as a singer. He writes almost every song by himself. Also, he writes a great variety of songs like rock, ballade, fast and lively songs and so on. In addition, he arranges music for other singers and even movies. The soundtrack of the movie, "Birthday Present", was one of Masha's production. Here are the albums that he has been released for the past several years:

    1."Dengon" 2.Lion 3.Bros.
    4.Boots 5.Calling 6.On and On
    7.M-Collectioin 8.Birthday present-soundtrack 9.More--soundtrack of "Meguriai"
    10.Sing a song 11.Rendezvous 1 12.Rendezvous 2

  • His acting career
  • Although he first entered the show biz as a singer, he is also considered as an actor in Japan. It is because he got extremely famous in some TV dramas and here are what he has participated in so far:

    Because there is always tomorrow How is love Homework
    Below the same roof 1 Will meet some day Below the same roof 2
    Chance of meeting ("Meguriai") Perfect Love 1 2

  • He is a photographer
  • Besides music, Masha likes photography very much. He started to have this hobby about 3 years ago. Recently, he also takes some photos for other singers. One is Hanada Hiroyuki. According to himself, he will takes photos for 2 more Japanese singers this year. So, Masha is a photographer also.

  • He is a D.J.
  • Masha has regular radio programs in Japan. The longest one was "All Night Nippon" (ANN), which just ended at the end of March. Besides ANN, he has another radio program at Tokyo FM now. It is on air every Sunday.

  • One important thing relates to his singing career
  • Masha's throat got a little bit worst after he became a singer. For instance, he had polyp in his throat and had a surgery shortly after his debut. Also, sometimes he needs to consult the doctor because of his throat too. Right here, I really want Masha can take care about his throat very carefully. We don't want you to be sick.

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