His favorites

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Hey fans! Do you want to know more about Masha, especially his favorites? Here you go!

  • Food

    Masha is not a fussy person, especially on his food. But, of course, he has his favorite also. Since he is a Japanese, he loves Japanese food a lot. His favorite is "Natto" (fermented soybean). The other dish that he likes is "Curry & rice". Although curry is originally an Indian food, "Curry & rice" is a Japanese dish.

  • Musicians

    Since Masha loves music so much, he has many favorite musicians in the world. Let's see who they are.

  • Clothing & color

    If you notice about what Masha wears, you will find that he likes to wear simple clothing with plain color. According to himself, he does not like those fancy and colorful clothing. He likes to wear naturally. Also, he likes to wear jeans.

  • Car

    In general, car is one of men's favorites. And Masha's favorite car is, of course, his own car. After he became famous, he bought his beautiful and longing car, which is a red Porsche.

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